World Radio Day 2019.

World Radio Day 2019.

With over 415 radio stations in about 23 languages, India’s All India Radio is one of the largest radio broadcasters in the world. It covers 99 per cent population in the country.

On 13 February 2019, UNESCO will celebrate the 8th edition of World Radio Day. This day marks a time where people around the world celebrate radio and how it shapes our lives. Just had a recap of how my school days were aligned along with the radio. Those were true days where TV was a sign of richness and will be there at one house in a street.

My grand father who wakes up early in the morning, switches on the radio sharp at 5.45AM and listens to Mangala Isai followed by devotional songs till 6.40AM and that’s how our day starts. After the devotional songs its Manila Seithigal for which my grand mother will wake us up from sleep. Will brush and finish the morning routines and should be there with my grandfather Akashawani National news starts at 7.15AM. Have coffee along with the news followed by a questionnaire session by my grand father to scale my listening senses.

Will start writing my home work listening to Nagarvalam, velai vaaipu seithigal, indru oru thagaval and then the 8.15AM English News bulletin from Delhi starts. By the time the news ends, we should finish the home works and go to bath.

My Grand father will start reading the newspaper. It will be my uncle’s turn now with the radio. Will tune to Vivadha Bharathi varthaga oliparappu. New songs with lots of commercials in between till 9.00AM and after that old songs till 9.30AM. The end jingles indicates the time to rush to school.

1.00PM to 1.45PM for lunch. There is to be a program exclusively for the Indian Peace Keeping Soldiers who was in action at SriLanka which starts at 1.30PM that indicates to start running to school again.

Evening after returning from school, play with street friends till 6.00PM and should come back home refresh ourselves and sit with the books and homework by 6.20PM along with manila seithigal. Should finish all our work by 7.25PM when veedum vayalum program starts. Will have dinner and go to sleep by 8.00PM where there use to be dramas for 30 minutes on Monday-Wednesday-Friday out of which Wednesday will be a serial. Tuesday and Thursdays there will be 15-minute short plays.

Mazhalai Amudham at Saturday evenings and Siruvar Solai at Sunday noon’s will be with by Vanoli Anna from 2.00PM to 3.00PM followed by Thirai Chitthiram from 3.00PM to 4.00PM and then thiraigaanam from 4.00PM to 5.00PM. The last song in Thiraigaanam almost indicates the end of weekend and Monday blues starts from there itself.

Also two famous news those days were Auto Shankar’s trail and Harshad Metha’s share market scandal. Saroj Narayanaswami’s bold voice in the National News never forgets to read about the terror activities in Golden Temple those days.

Today Radio is defined only as FM stations. No one even know that there are other stations being operated on Medium Waves or Amplitude Modulation Transmissions. Bygone were the Golden days of Radio.

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