Wild Tribe Ranch

Wild Tribe Ranch

For kids those already experienced with all the amusement parks around Chennai, Wild Tribe Ranch will be a new addition. Being a part of Chennai Bloggers Club, got invited to experience the Amusement park rides before it’s opened to public.

Located on the outskirts of the city, pretty next to the Madras Crocodile Bank. Wild Tribe Ranch, conceived and managed by a team of highly passionate individuals, is a division of Chennai-based Magic Thrills & Adventures Pvt. Ltd.

Stepping inside WTB, we were welcomed with nice refreshing drink that was quite soothing at the sunny evening. After briefing about the rides we started experiencing them…


Devils ramp – Exclusively for those who Acrophobia this will definitely help to get rid out! The big maze is completely safe as every player has the freedom to choose their sequence of obstacles as they want to overcome them using a Belay Track System that ensures flexibility of use and 100% safety! The player who completes them gets to reach the top most level to try the LONGEST ZIP LINER in Chennai!


Bullie the Bull – ‘The objective of this activity is to give the participant the sensation of riding a real bull, the only difference being that it is much safer. This will be as close as one can get to riding a bull, without worrying about injuries or the dangers of a real one. For those who wants to participate Jallikattu – No doubt this will be a good practice session.


Dodge & Jump – There were two rotating beams – one low & the other high and the participant is left with only two choices. Jump or Dodge.


Surf: Experience the surfer’s experience through this simulated surfboard! Remember, if one falls on the bouncy, then the game ls lost!

Gyroscope ride from Jothi vel moorthy AC on Vimeo.

Gyrascope – It’s a daily routine for all of us to rotate our chairs 360 degrees at work. This Gyrascope gives the same feel with a multiple rotations on an axis.



Body Zorb – The participant wears an inflated mini Zorb ball that cover their upper torso and limits their movement while minimizing the clarity of their vision. They get tossed due to the bouncing effect when two players come in through opposite directions and clash in an attempt to gain control of the ball! Two teams. 3-6 players in each (with 1 person as a goalie) the team with the maximum goals within a stipulated time frame wins!



Paintball A sport in which players eliminate opponents by hitting them with pellets containing paint (referred to as a ‘paintball’), usually shot from a carbon dioxide or compressed-gas (HPA or N2) powered paintball gun (or marker). This is a team game with 4 or more players – but the more the merrier and the longer the game.



Mad Riders ATV – A track that will challenge and renew your energy! It is an exhilarating experience to ride an ATV after having driven two-wheelers and cars on traffic-ridden roads. it is much more demanding and challenging.

Swiming pool

Swimming Pool – A cool way to end the day is with a dip in Cool Waters – a welcoming oasis after a hard day’s riding and gaming. Cool off and chill-out!

The CEO of Wild Tribe Ranch, Mr. Sathish Kumar CV is a great host. He explained the story behind their mascot, MicMac a cute monkey. Unlike the usual product or business presentation, Sathish kept it really short and sweet. While mentioning about the Safety measures, he said that safety has given the highest priority in all activities. Also having guides trained in FIRST AID; FIRE SAFETY & EMERGENCY PREPARDNESS.

The safety measures are there at every ride and it was well adhered to.


And the fun quotient






Wild Tribe Ranch not only limits it selves with adventure sports for kids, it also has age appropriate activities for all skill levels, amazing modern venues for training, delicious food and top quality service – Bringing all this with a scenic view, serene environment and exciting adventures!

Signing out with the lights waving bye to us…

“Kick the fear at – https://www.facebook.com/wildtriberanchhtt…/…/wildtriberanch



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