What Should I blog today?

What Should I blog today?

Staring at the monitor for the past one hour… thinking of what should i blog..  made sure of one thing that I should do a blog post for the day…


Remembered my high school English teacher .. The ol’ professor spouted lots of rules..  here our living english teacher Susan Deborah pops out of the screen and yells…  Just write with what ever you know… as she does usually towards her students in the examination hall…

It’s scary to stare at a blank page or a blank screen – darn that writer’s block.. Hence thought of Googling for a while.. Surprised to see find several hundred articles suggesting to create posts with bulleted lists or Top 10s or about the current headlines..More creative thinkers suggests to write something that makes me scared to push the publish button. Here I really envy Ganesh puttu

I  am again back to the same square… ” What should I blog today? ”

Felt instead of giving stupid excuses for not blogging.. better just start creating something! and Of course… Creation takes practice and time.

So people… Please wait till I am experienced..



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3 thoughts on “What Should I blog today?

  1. Saar, Jothi Vel, idhukku oru post thevaya?

    Better start ‘writing’ for real instead of wasting precious time on posts like this.

    Joy always,

    P. S: have you ever visited my blog?

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