Western Coastal ride [part-07]

Western Coastal ride [part-07]

Continuation of my previous post Western Coastal ride [part-06]

Dec 31:  Woke up early morning and started arranging the luggage’s in the car as we are on our return journey which is going to be a longest drive of 1800kms.

Most people returning from holiday feel that the journey home passes by much quicker than the outward leg. Keeping this in mind my fellowman with lots of hopes to have a peaceful dinner at home on new year i.e Jan 1st started driving back home we set off on the final leg of our journey. From veraval, Gujarat to Bangalore.

Passed via The Gir Forest National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary where chances of spotting a Lion.

IMG_3886 - Copy

IMG_3893 - Copy

IMG_3887 - Copy

Road entering to the forest. The risk here is we were given only 50minutes to exit through the other side of the forest. If not we will end up paying a penalty of 500rs for every 1o minutes.

IMG_3892 - Copy

Peacocks and Deers… We are here not to spot you…  Anyways…

IMG_3905 - Copy

IMG_3900 - Copy

Exited in 52minutes. Great escape!

IMG_3891 - Copy

The route map as follows:

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Reached Thane at 11.30PM. Spent the new year at HVK Chowk.

Jan 1, 2014 Started again at 1.30AM.

Reached Kamat Upachar at Mummighati, Karnataka at 9.45AM for breakfast!

Blissssssssss seeing the idly vada sambar chutney…


Reached Bangalore at 6PM. Deepak dropped me in koramanagala, Bangalore. Went to my friends place. Had a shower, dinner and boarded the AIRAVAT to Chennai at 10PM.

Jan 02: Reached back Chennai and reached home sweet home at 6.45AM.

9 Days with 4 unknown fellowman Loads of fun, 7500 kms of travel finally ended smooth. To my surpraise, the total expenditure per head for this entire trip was only 11,500.00. Worth’s isn’t?



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6 thoughts on “Western Coastal ride [part-07]

  1. Fantastic… How about taking a particular trip – probably two days – and write everything in details ? Your writing has a depth of taking the reader into the ‘live’ display of what happened. BEAUTIFUL. Keep it up.

  2. Wonderful series Jo! Very well written. Very nice to read the minute details about the palces.. like two vada and one idly, cheating pundits 😛
    Keep up the good work!! Travel a lot and bring us more stories!!

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