Wild Tribe Ranch

For kids those already experienced with all the amusement parks around Chennai, Wild Tribe Ranch will be a new addition. Being a part of Chennai Bloggers Club, got invited to experience the Amusement park rides before it’s opened to public. 1,176 total views, 3 views today Tweet

1,176 total views, 3 views today

Apollo White Dental

Being a part of The Chennai Bloggers Club, got an opportunity to experience a dental checkup with Apollo White Dental organised by  Dinfluencer – A PR agency based in Chennai.. With little hesitation of how painful its gonna be… I too went after few of my friends shared their experiences. …

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Chennai city got badly disturbed due to the Monsoon having floods across the city. Most of the people got stranded in their homes / apartments / flats etc. Electricity was fluctuating..  Rains disconnected the telephone lines and television cables newspapers the only source to know about the updates turned back …

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