In this digital era where people couch comfortably inside the social media’s such as Whatsapp Facebook etc… To my surprise e-mails are also outdated these days.  Sending or receiving a post card from someone unknown from a far off distance… sounds really exciting…

It’s all started when I saw Ms.Neelima Vallangi – a famous travel bloggers tweet

Excited and replied to her tweet immediately. Thought my tweet will be one among 1000 or tweets she might have received and go un-noticed.

Surprised when I read her next tweet,

Postcards are definitely an acknowledgment that other people exist in the globe; also that expresses a desire to reach out and connect with other individuals, no matter how long the distance might be between sender and recipient.

Such a beautiful view of Pangong Lake

The physicality of such an object – hand-scribbled notes, clumsily placed postage stamps; damage incurred in shipment – carries a rich narrative and establishes a profound, interpersonal connection that simply cannot exist in Social media.


Yes I too had the same excitement when I received a post card from a renowned travel blogger that too on World Tourism Day!


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