The first trip of the year 2013 -this trip can be seen as partial pilgrimage! We started at 5 am from Chennai. Luckily, I didn’t feel the chill of the early morning too intensely. Once we crossed the Chengalput tollgate, it was quite foggy outside and hence we closed the windows.

There is a new hotel Namma Veedu Vasantha Bhavan that has opened near Dindivanam- Thiruvannamalai bye pass, which serves excellent food and has a great ambience. Otherwise, it is next to impossible to find a decent restaurant till one reaches Trichy. Another alternative would be to go into the towns in between instead of passing through the bye-pass roads.

After breakfast, the first destination was Thirupattur Bramha temple located 25kms after Perambalur towards Trichy.


Before reaching this place, I was assuming that Praying to Lord Bramha will change your current fate. That’s fine if the fate is bad and changed to good. What if good things turn to bad?

Reading the Stone script enlightened me that only the bad things will be turned to good.

Mythological reference quotes that Lord Brahma felt a great pride as He is the God of Creations which provoked Lord Shiva who made him to lose his fifth head and lost the powers of Creation. In turn to re-gain the powers, he went to all Shiva temples and offered prayers/ apologies to Lord Shiva. During this visit he also stepped in this temple and installed 12 Shiva lingams around the Lord Shiva shrine and offered prayers.

Goddess Parvathi got much pleased with his prayers and requested Lord Shiva to give him a relief which happened in this temple and Lord brahma regained his powers and got blessed to have a separate shrine in this temple. As his destiny got re-written at this temple, he was further enabled to do the same to his devotes who visit this temple

A youtube video that shows the Gurukal saying about the history of this temple!

The next destination was the Grand Anicut (Kallanai)



I did have a doubt here seeing the Dam – The radial Shutters, the Scouring sluices – The regulators etc. seem to be brand new and no signs of the old version built by the Chola king. I tried looking for the Stone scripts around the dam and found a few. The oldest I could find shows the year 1925. It somehow seems that the old construction by the Chola king is totally gone!

DSC08039 DSC08038


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2 thoughts on “Kallanai

  1. I had been to the Kalannai sometime in December 2012 and ofcourse there was no water flowing there. What really ticked me off was the careless way people littered the place and the river too. Found lots of hospital waste on the dry river bed.

    Also the Sand which is being taken from this river will soon ensure that this water body will cease to exist very soon.

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