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The fine Sunday started with reading the newspaper. Found my dad staring at the road and mobile for the driver who didn’t turn up yet where dad needs to go for a meeting at Gingee. Thought of taking control over the situation and committed my dad that I’ll drive for him. After a little hesitation ( the volume of faith which he always has on me ) he accepted. ( No other go at the moment)Dropped dad at his venue and moved towards Gingee fort.

The fort complex is on three hill rocks named as Rajagiri – Krishna giri – Chandragiri. Considering the situations that I am alone, time 11.40am chosen the moderate one Krishna giri which called as Rani’s fort.

The Gingee Fort complex is on three hillocks. In fact all the three hills together constitute a fort complex, yet each hill contains a separate and self-contained fort.To gain entry into the citadel one had to cross the chasm with the help of a small wooden draw bridge which was drawn only after getting a signal from the sentries on the parapets that a friend was approaching.

Krishnagiri -The second important hillock with an imposing citadel. It is also known as the English Mountain, perhaps because the British residents occupied the fort here, for some time. The Krishnagiri fort is smaller in size and height compared to the Rajagiri fort. A flight of steps of granite stones leads to its top.After the fort passed into British hands, it did not see any further action.

Source: Wikipedia

Gingee today, with its ruined forts, temples and granaries, presents a different picture from the glorious splendor of its bygone days. But the remains of that glorious past speak volumes about the numerous invasions, warfare and bravery that it witnessed.


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  1. As you told whenever i hear the word Gingee fort the first name that comes to my mind is Raja Thesingu. I think that war he lost was considered epic as he became the last indian king to rule (if i am wrong Plz do enlighten me)

  2. Nice to know a little bit of history to the place where I’ve been to, just once. I’ve heard that there in one Raja fort and Rani fort and that there is a secret tunnel that connects the two. I remember my Grandpa telling me about it.

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