Connemara Public Library

Connemara Public Library

Libraries today as not being as much used as they were in the last generation. When I was a kid, I used to go to the library every alternate day with my Grandfather who was more interested in reading Astrological Magazines those days whereas my interest was in reading Ambulimama and Rani comics.

This generation kids may be reading just as much as the past, but their methods and formats of reading are so different from the previous generations kept the libraries isolated.

Heard a lot about the oldest 19th century Connemara Library located at Egmore Chennai, usually not accessible to Public throwed open its doors to the public to celebrate World Book Day from 23rd April 2019 to 27th April 2019. Felt curious to experience the Indo-Saracenic architecture with its wood-carved archways and the stained-glass windows.

The present Connemara Public Library which was first a Collector’s Cutcherry which got transitioned as Library.

The foundation stone was laid on 23rd March 1890 , the Connemara Public Library, formally opened in 1896 and named after its progenitor. built by the building contractor Namberumal Chetty, who will have his name recorded in Madras with many small and beautiful buildings in stone, brick and mortar. It should be a proud remembrance for him and his descendants that he has so much to do with the beautifying of the city.

This library has wide range of rarest book collections…

The Private Dairy of Anandha Ranga pillai
Constitution of India. Veerabhahu – the only tamil signature
Rabindranath Tagore’s hand paintings
The artist Velayudha aasari was added as a co-author

Its magnificent reading room with a rich wooden ceiling between two curved rows of stained glass, supported by ornate pillars and arches embellished with sculpted acanthus leaves, its teakwood furniture of another age, its marbled floor and its decorative windows all contribute to making it a thing of beauty.

It also adds Interesting junction of pillars and the ceiling; you will see that every pillar has carvings of varieties of animals.

Apart from all these art works.. there were stained glass art that decorates everywhere around.

General public making full use of this opportunity.. Senior citizens sharing their experiences when they visited this place during their young ages..

Being one of four National Depository Libraries in the country, the Connemara Public Library receives a copy of every Indian publication — newspapers, periodicals and journals.

Apart from this, it is also the UNESCO Information Centre, serving as a repository for selected United Nations publications.

After the restoration work happened 2004-07, but to which, unfortunately, access is not permitted. The building now houses the Old Collection (pre-1930), which is for reference only – books brought out to the reader on request.


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