Bum La

The Bum La Pass is located about 37 km away from Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh, at the Indo-China border above 15,200 ft above sea level. It is one of the most off-beat passes in the world and is also known as the pass from where 14th Dalai Lama escaped China and reached India to take refuge.

The road to Bum La is also a historical route, the People’s Liberation Army of China invaded India during the 1962 Sino-Indian War. Here in Bum La Pass one of the fiercest battle took place in the 1962 Sino-Indian War.

Opening of Trade Route in 2006

In 2006, Bumla pass was re-opened to traders for the first time in 44 years. Traders from both sides of the pass were permitted to enter each other’s territories, in addition to postal workers from each country.


It is often covered with heavy snow throughout the year. It is one of the most off-beat passes in the world and is also referred to as the pass from where Dalai Lama entered India escaping from Tibet.

Bumla Pass is reachable only by road, after receiving special permits. From Tawang to Y-junction is a 22 Km distance which has a metaled road, the rest 15 Kms are gravel road. This road is one of the shortest connectivity points to China from Tawang (India). On the Chinese side, the nearest major town Tsonajong is 43 Kms from Bumla border post.

Brum la pass is a very beautiful place. This great location is off beaten track for the people who love roaming in wilderness.

This placed is covered with snow throughout the year. The hotels here are well equipped with all the amenities.
Visit by civilian tourist of India is permissible with permission from the Indian Army. The track is very treacherous, only SUVs advisable, and that too only on clear weather day with no snowfall or rainfall.


Madhuri Lake: Shonga-tser lake which is commonly known as Madhuri Lake (named after Madhuri Dixit), as she shot one her songs from Koyala Movie here has a breathtaking view. This lake is very close China Border.
The formation of the Madhuri Lake is the result of an earthquake which came in the years 1971. Before that it was merely grassland that served cattle of locals here. This lake is surrounded with picturesque snowcapped mountains and beautiful valleys which offers spectacular views.

There is a Heap of Stones where tourists and visitors place to place a pebble on the Heap of Stones as a reminder that Mighty Himalayas as our Guardian of Northern Frontier and as a tribute to the Indian Army guardians of the border.

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