Being a part of The Chennai Bloggers Club, got an opportunity to experience a dental checkup with Apollo White Dental organised by  Dinfluencer – A PR agency based in Chennai.. With little hesitation of how painful its gonna be… I too went after few of my friends shared their experiences.

My first impression – Apollo white dental didn’t  look like a hospital with regular patient chairs and bunch of patients with sad faces. Quite luxurious with cushions in the waiting hall.


With not much of waiting time, I was attended by Dr. Deeksha Raj, MDS., Prosthodontist who changed my total perception about the dental care. She was quite knowledgeable and smart enough to educate about dental care in an excellent manner.

When I entered into the consulting room, surprised with the hygienic infrastructure and the hi-tech technology being used there.


The moment she saw my teeth the very first question from her was “Do you breath  through your mouth?” made me to trust her in depth experience. She explained the various process involved in maintaining the dental health and also how I can preserve mine!

She removed all the plaque settlements, scales, and did the polishing too with extreme care throughout the process. Explained the with the views of before and after!

After a satisfied procedure, just explored about the  services they provide at At WHITE Dental Spa, the pleasant experience that awaits you includes:

  • Treatment by experienced consultants using State-of-the-art Technology
  • Painless procedures with Laser Precision
  • Individual rooms for Privacy & Comfort
  • Hygienic Equipment using Triple Sterilization Protocols

Apart from these, we offer our guests exclusive add-ons like Swedish Massage, Manicure, Fish Pedicure, Jacuzzi & the very posh WHITE Cafe for your gastronomic indulgence.

Here, one will experience International Quality Dental Services, for which their Spa has already carved an exclusive niche.

Dental Tourism – An interesting scheme that allows a patient to start with their treatment at any of Apollo WHITE dental’s clinic and continue with their treatment at another clinic location of choice as per their travel itinerary. This way the patient can seamlessly integrate their treatment with the travel plan of exploring the riches of Indian tourism which makes more interesting!

After knowing all the facilities being provided by Apollo white dental, Signing out with a bigh thanks to Dr. Deeksha Raj, for her time and patience in explaining me and making me comfortable.


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