Apollo Hospitals – which was in the limelight in the media recently after treating the former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J. Jayalalithaa created the curiosity in every one’s minds to visit the hospital at least once. Felt flying when I was invited for Apollo Blogger Outreach Program

Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Limited is an Indian hospital chain based in Chennai, India founded by Dr Prathap C. Reddy in 1983. Apollo hospitals has been ranking no 1 among the private hospitals since 2003 which is more than a decade. And, Apollo hospitals was first in India to receive international healthcare accreditation by America-based Joint Commission International (JCI)

We were welcomed by Mr. Vimal Ajay Prabhu – Sr Manager Marketing, followed by the brief introduction by the COO Mr Subbiah Viswanathan, the tour started.

First we were given Apollo express health Check . For this process, we were taken to the adjacent building which is exclusive for such health check-ups. The building was crystal clean with neat posh corridors and cushion sofas in the lounge areas doesn’t looks like an hospital at all. Also proper bio-medical waste management was in place.

The entire health check process took us less than 30 minutes followed by a consultation with the senior Physician. A staff nurse was along with us throughout the entire process. And the other medical assistants who performed the tests such as Chest x-ray, ECG and in the Phlebotomy area were make us feel comfortable in such a way that we don’t even experience the smallest pin that occurs while collecting the blood samples.

After this tests, it was a lunch break to keep us energetic for the rest of the day. The lunch was simply delicious.

Post lunch we were taken to the various departments and explained the super special facilities they have.

The Emergency Department:
Well-equipped emergency department especially their ambulances totally broke my perspective about ambulances were that they were the only fastest vehicles which can skip the traffic signals, can drive in wrong directions which could be the fastest way to reach the hospital. But their ambulances were fully equipped and the treatment process starts in the ambulances itself. The moment they reach the hospital, they were transferred to the Triage where their levels of emergencies is being prioritised.

The Cardiology Department:
The Apollo Heart Institutes has a wide experience in the most complicated coronary artery bypass surgery, surgery for all types of cardio-vascular heart diseases, and heart surgery for children, with success rates comparable to international standards.

Also their Heart Transplant program is one of the most successful in the country.

The Radiology & Imaging Sciences:
Diagnostic and Radiology Facilities which include 64 Slice CT scanners, 3Tesla MRI machines, high-end Ultrasound facilities.

Also their tele-imaging department through which expert opinion on MRI diagnosis can be provided to patients in any part of the country.

The Blood bank:
The state-of-the art blood bank has facilities for supplying fresh whole blood, saline washed RBCs (red blood corpuscles), singer donor platelets, fresh frozen plasma (FFP) and so on..

The Physiotherapy Department:
Physiotherapy includes examination, treatment, advice and instructions to any person preparatory to or for the purpose of or in connection with movement dysfunction, bodily malfunction, physical disorder, disability, healing and pain from trauma and disease, physical and mental conditions using physical agents including exercise, mobilisation, manipulation, mechanical and electro therapy, activity and devices or diagnosis, treatment and prevention.

The Apollo Foot Care
The Apollo Foot Care Department helps in diagnosis of foot and ankle pains & production of thermoformed plantar insoles to treat them by introducing biomechanical corrections. It would deal with patients not only with foot problems [that may include lower kinetic chain problem, neuropathy, orthopedic problems] but also fitness, sports, athletes and everyday walker. In short it would cater to both the ends of clientele illness as well as wellness.

The service would assess, treat, prescribe, and prepare customised insoles for every patient coming to foot care based on the individual profile and need. Everyone is unique! The focus of the rehabilitation process would be very individual, and is dependent on the nature of the problem.

With this it was almost the end of the day, and we returned to the meeting hall to conclude the day. Surprised to hear about Apollo’s customer care when the Chief Security office explained about it.
All the security personnel are ex-service men who are well trained to receive the patient in the entrance and guide them to a comfortable zone.


My take:

After spending a day experiencing all these services, gives me confidence that they are well equipped to save a life from any critical situation and of course there could be some exceptions too.

An early adopter of technology, Apollo Hospitals was one among the first few in the world to leverage technology to build integrated healthcare delivery models, which facilitate seamless healthcare delivery through electronic medical records, hospital information systems and telemedicine-based outreach initiatives

Not only Apollo treats patients, they also preventive health check programs as Prevention is not just better than cure, it is easier, cheaper and smarter.

Apollo insists only on 2 things – A routine health checkup and have proper health insurance.

And cost wise Yes it might look little expensive, but for the kind of premium services being given, Its definitely a paisa vasool.

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