Diabetes leads to embarrassing situations when you visit someone where you will be offered with a cup of coffee on which the confusion starts whether to add sugar or not. According to the Lancet study, China, India and USA are among the top three countries with a high number of diabetic population.  Hailing from a family with chronic medical history of diabetes I always curious to know the ways to getting rid out of it.


Got an invite from the ‘Semora Entertainment‘ about the ‘Diabetic Masterclass’ happening at Chennai made me curious to attend.

The Diabetic Food Trail® (DFT) a brain child of Ms.Seema Pinto and Manoj Pinto and is presented by Semora Entertainment works. Seema Pinto herself a diabetic, is very passionate about the Diabetic Food Trail, and hopes to see that all the restaurants will serve a healthy and diabetic friendly menu as part of the regular menu thereby giving people a choice to eat healthy, throughout the year!

In this second edition of DFT, ‘Diabetic Masterclass’ and ‘Diabetic Fitness Bootcamps’ were also being organized. Diabetic Masterclasses will help individuals understand the nutritional values of various ingredients, read packaging labels, and learn exciting recipes so that people with diabetes can improve their dietary habits and lead a better quality of life.

Major Indian companies such as Biocon, Britannia and few others joined hands for this The Diabetic Food Trail.




There was also a small demo of few items prepared by the Park Hyatt’s Chef’s Teuku,Vamsi and Lalit



The Diabetic Masterclass® is a unique opportunity to interact with a nutritionist and learn innovative recipes from top chefs.

• Learn to cook recipes ranging from appetisers, entrees and desserts without use of sugar
• Diabetic friendly ingredients and their nutrient values
• Learn to calculate nutritional value of a recipe, using easy tools
• Effective diet planning in managing weight
• Understanding Nutrition Labels on packaging
• The integral role of fitness in managing diabetes

This program is aimed at sensitising the culinary industry on the importance of diabetes friendly food. In collaboration with certified nutritionists and Chefs, special diabetes friendly menus will be introduced at over 200 restaurants across the five cities of Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Bengaluru and Chennai from Nov 12- 30, 2016.. In Chennai please find the below list of restaurants..



The restaurant menu items that can be experienced in Diabetic Food Trail® Partner Restaurants are recipes created by chefs in consultation with nutritionists. All the ingredients are easily available locally and hence any individual avail of these recipes and prepare these delicious gourmet, restaurant style recipes in their homes.

A meal for two is likely to cost approximately from Rs. 1000 to Rs.3500 depending on the range of hotels you step in! and share your experiences with others too.

Lets aim for a diabetic free world!

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