A news item in a daily quoted the President of South India Publishers Association says that 80% of the visitors to the book fair held in Chennai consisted of youth. According to the report, 60% of the annual sales of small publishers come from such fairs. No wonder that such fairs are becoming popular even in smaller towns in India.

Even in the literary festivals, it was pleasant surprise to see the huge turnout of visitors, consisting mainly of youngsters in the age group 18-35. A large number of them were attending the three parallel sessions being held at the fairs. During the breaks, there were long queues of youngsters waiting to get the books of their favourite authors signed by them.

I wondered what has triggered this great enthusiasm among the youth for books; disproving the theory that reading habits among the younger generation is going down.

For a long time, a book was considered a big success if it sold 5000 to 10000 copies. But today the new age authors like Chetan Bhagat, Amish Tripathy, Ashwin Sanghi, etc are claiming sales of lakhs of copies for each of their books. It is interesting to learn that all the famous authors of today had their first manuscripts rejected by several publishers and had to resort to self- publishing their first book and market them using innovative marketing strategies.

Listening to many of these successful authors at Literary Festivals, it is clear that if an author wants to be on the best seller list he has to market his book `shamelessly`. It is imperative that such authors must be active on social media. Self-publishing & Print on demand have brought about a sea change in the publishing industry.

Another reason for the huge sale of books is the facility to order the books online and get them delivered at your doorstep- very often at a discounted price! Amazon & Flipkart have been hugely responsible for this phenomenon and are very popular with the young generation who order everything-` from pin to elephant` including books, online.

But it shouldn’t get restricted only to Amazon & Flipkart. Also copying the same model will be just another online store and of course the success rate will also be doubtful.

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Why should I subscribe to Fictioncrate instead of directly buying books of my choice?

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