Being a part of The Chennai Bloggers Club, got an opportunity to taste and experience the new Five Star Chicken.

About Five Star Chicken:

CP Foods is a pioneer in the industry is also known to be the world’s largest feed manufacturing company, as well as the largest shrimp/prawn manufacturing company in the world. In terms of poultry (chicken), it is one of the top 5 companies in the world.

Five Star Chicken, the quick service restaurant chain of the diversified Thailand-based Group-Charoen Pokphand Foods (CP Foods), rated among popular food chains in Asia with presence in 50 countries worldwide and over 7,000 outlets, the chain has set up its second processing centre in the country in Chittoor, and looking at offering packaged foods.

Their first outlet was set up during November 2012 at Bengaluru backed by a processing facility at Budigere, near Bengaluru. The brand has grown to 350+ outlets across Bengaluru, Chennai, Kochi, Hyderabad and Goa and some of the smaller towns. The company has been expanding through the franchise  route Currently they have 200+ Stores across Bangalore, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu.

How does Five Star Chicken Substantiates ?

Five Star Chicken is known to offer fresh and larger chicken, which is 25% more than The company has its own state of the art infrastructure for storage and distribution and exercise complete control over the quality from “Farm to Food”. Since Five Star Chicken operates own farms, storage and distribution freely, we are able to optimise the cost and pass on better value to our customer. Through a growing network of stores Five Star Chicken is becoming a strong neighbourhood brand offering great quality chicken at convenience to customers of all strata of society. We are aiming to make great quality chicken at affordable prices to all consumers.

Talking about strengths of Five Star Chicken,

  • Great taste
  • Best Quality
  • Great Value

The menu:

Crunchy Masala

Crunchy Masala is made out of authentic Indian flavours and Masalas to suit the local palates of Indians

Thai Crispy

Thai crispy has the secret recipe from Thailand with Lemon grass and Kaffir lime flavours in it

Hot n’ Smokey

Succulent Smokey favoured fried chicken served with hot and spicy sprinkler. It was truly hot and yummy!

Chilly Nuggets

The crunchy bite sized, crown – shaped, Chicken nuggets are made with juicy chicken and is mildly seasoned making it a great appetiser

Spicy Fingers

Spicy fingers is the delicious treat of fresh , tender & Juicy chicken mixed with perfect blend of spices

Chicken Popcorn

Five Star Chicken popcorn is made out of succulent whole chunks of chicken meat, blended with authentic spices and herbs to the perfection. The soft mouth melting chicken inside and crisp, golden brown coating from out. No one can just have it once!!!

Hungry Bird Burger

Five Star Chicken is all set to tantalise your taste buds with its new Hungry Bird Burger. Made from whole succulent chicken breasts and spiced up by dollops of Five Star Chicken’s secret sauce. The scrumptious chicken fillet is served in toasted sesame bun slices and topped with fresh mixed veggies.

Talking about the business models,  CP-Five Star chicken is purely on a franchise model. A minimal space of about 200 sqft with an investment of 5-6Lakhs  with a promised ROI in the next 2-3 years max.

In this fast and furious world, CP-Five star chicken is definitely a pocket friendly recommended place for sure.

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