Chocolates – A typically sweet, usually brown food preparation of Theobroma cacao seeds, roasted and ground. Although cocoa originated in the Americas I was surpraised the way Fabelle made it to feel proud of.

Yes. While the nation celebrates its 72nd Independence Day, Fabelle, one of the most celebrated Indian chocolate brands, commemorated the Independence Day with a first of its kind 72kg chocolate bar made from a unique mix of 72 ingredients.


The brand which is known to create distinct chocolate experiences had crafted a larger than life 72 Kg chocolate bar in each of the 6 metros where the brand is currently available. The exquisite milk chocolate bar was handcrafted by Fabelle Master Chocolatiers using rich milk chocolate blended with unique ingredients like nuts, dried fruits, cookies, seeds, jellies, biscuits and more.

While talking to the Chocolatiers, they mentioned that Fabelle, -The brand undertook months of research to finalise on the 72 ingredients which would be a part of the 72 kg chocolate bar and also multiple tasting trials were done to create a unique chocolate taste and a multi textural experience. Finally Fabelle Master Chocolatiers in each of the 6 cities worked for over 7 to 8 days to handcraft the artisanal masterpiece.


The journey of the creation was a challenging one because it was not only important to create a larger than life 72 kg chocolate bar but to also ensure that the bar is as exquisite to taste as any of -the other Fabelle chocolate creations which are rated very highly by chocolate connoisseurs. The Master brought all their experience to bear in creating one of a kind experience to create this iconic creation and pay a befitting tribute to the nation’s most celebrated occasion i.e. the 72nd Independence Day.

To make the occasion sweeter, the brand decided to partner with Make-A-Wish Foundation of India, a non-profit organisation which works towards supporting deserving children to lead a richer life by fulfilling their wishes. Fabelle worked with Make a Wish Foundation and distributed the specially crafted 72 kg chocolate bar to kids making Independence Day special for them.

Through digital and PR campaigns, guests were also encouraged to donate to a Make a Wish India to make wishes of kids come true and Fabelle thanked the contributors in a unique manner by gifting them a piece of the iconic chocolate bar.

The entire experience created by Fabelle and ITC was a memorable. Good wishes to both brands for a sweet experience

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